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Founded in 2003 by owner and Managing Director Mike Flarry, Element79 has successfully established itself as a specialist B2B marketing agency. With a particular emphasis on strategy creation, we also often lead the development of the broader marketing activities for our clients, and have developed to provide a wide range of associated support services required by these areas of expertise.

We have developed a very strong digital marketing capability which includes the management of website development, SEO, Pay Per Click, Emailer and Social Media marketing.

We have been involved with, and worked for, a wide range of companies, from SME’s to blue chip, and have been responsible for launching multi-national large new brands onto the UK market.

Our integrated marketing skills are grounded in solid business best practice, and these are rigorously applied to all our projects, including brand sponsorship development. This approach provides our clients with the confidence to entrust us to audit their current marketing requirements and activities and provide the vital knowledge that is so often missing from many projects of this nature, in order to create success.

We are very proud of the fact that our services are often retained on a long-term basis, in order to manage marketing strategy creation and supporting digital services for our client’s core business activities.

What we do

Our B2B marketing services take you further

Marketing Strategy

The single most important part of your marketing, this defines how you take your message to market effectively.

Brand Awareness

Amplify your voice. An integrated marketing platform with great connective services raises your brand profile.

Demand Generation

Creating the buzz. Make your brand offering irresistible with the right activities to stimulate demand.

Lead Generation

Sort the wheat from the chaff. Make sure that you know who and how to target with focused lead generation.

Sponsorship Marketing

Create a focused sponsorship campaign for your brand and extend the reach of your marketing activities.


Search Engine Optimisation. Make sure that your website ranks for the right keywords and search queries.

Local SEO

If your services are only relevant to a geographically local audience, you'll need to ensure local SEO targeting.


Pay Per Click advertising comes in many guises, so you need to know how to get your target audience's attention.

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most effective elements of your marketing platform, but needs careful handling.

Social Media Marketing

Which social media platforms should you use for your B2B company? We'll guide you and provide focus.

Website Development

Websites need to make sense to the search engines as well as to human eyes. Something that most overlook.

Predictive Analytics for B2B

Wouldn't it be great to know who is interested in your product and when they're ready to buy? We'll show you how.

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Stand out. Be different. Know your unique proposition and tell your story. How you take your brand to market will define your success. Fail to plan and you plan to fail the old saying goes, and it couldn't be more true than when you apply it to marketing. The most successful companies have an integrated marketing strategy and a formalised process that turns marketing into sales. These statements hold true across all marketing activities. And did you know that Google now looks for individuality as part of their latest search algorithm?
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The essential marketing component. We are often asked to name the single most effective marketing activity and our answer is always the same. There isn't one! Just as traditional and digital marketing activities dovetail to deliver your overall marketing platform, digital marketing in itself relies on many assets working together to deliver the best results. At Element79 we've developed what we believe to be the ideal integrated digital marketing platform and our clients see the results for themselves.
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