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Why search engine optimisation is critical to the success of a website

There are now over 3.5 billion searches conducted on Google alone every day. SEO is your means to promote your company website so that you can get the right audience to see your brand in the right context. The figures are huge and the market is super-competitive. Without an effective way to tell the search engines what you do, you'll never be visible. Simply, SEO solves that issue and gets you noticed.

How Search Engine Optimisation Works

The elements contributing to effective SEO seem to increase exponentially every week. Fundamentally, SEO is the process of aligning all of your digital marketing activities so that Google recognises your website as being valuable to the search terms relevant to it - your keywords. Your website's meta data, content, and back-links are critical, but only form part of the success formula delivered by a search engine optimisation agency.

Some Key SEO Factors to Consider

Page Meta Data

Your meta title for each page is one of the most important basic factors to help rank your site. Well researched, written, and formatted meta titles and descriptions are key and make a big difference.

Site Content

The content of your site should be relevant and as unique to your company as possible. Always look to provide content that is valuable to your audience, well written and presented. Promote it socially.


Another key area of effective SEO and one that demands a lot of time and attention. This one factor can make a huge difference to your search results, so make sure that they are good quality and relevant.

Technical SEO

Here's where it gets difficult. Not only must your site be technically near perfect to enable efficient bot crawling for indexing, but inevitably, errors will creep in to the content and site links. Audit regularly.

SEO by the Numbers 2020


Google accounts for by far the largest amount of daily searches. Next up is Bing at 9.97%.


The first FIVE organic results on page one of Google account for most of the click percentage.


The percentage of web pages that have little or no visibility in search due to a poor backlink strategy.


Most marketers agree that they need to improve organic search results for better inbound results.

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