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Why Use a Pay Per Click Consulting Agency?

With the competition to get your organic results on page one of search increasing all the time, PPC Advertising such as Google, Bing, Facebook, and LinkedIn search and display ads has become an essential component of your online presence. A well-designed PPC ad campaign will deliver your brand to page one of search and indirectly assist organic search growth. Talk to us about our Search Engine Marketing consultancy services.

How PPC Advertising Integrates with SEO

While there is no direct connection between SEO and PPC, any PPC agency will know that both of these marketing activities should be used together to provide greater awareness of your B2B brand. PPC can drive curiosity about your brand by appearing in search results when your website pages do not. Smart Google Ads Management can also re-engage your audience through the re-marketing of display ads and videos and through other social channels. In short, this form of advertising works extremely well for B2B and should always form part of an integrated marketing strategy. Talk to us about our PPC Agency services.

Where to Start with Pay Per Click Advertising

Keyword Research

This is where it all starts. There can be no substitute for good keyword research in order to give your PPC marketing a great start. Be specific and do some research to uncover your competitors top performers.

Account Structure

Structure your account into relevant Campaigns and Groups with keywords grouped by subject matter. Start with Search ads before adding Display ads and review for negative keywords daily.

Write Great Ad Copy

Spend some time understanding how to write high-performing ad copy before you launch your campaign. More relevant ad copy means a lower cost per click and more conversion opportunities.

Optimise Landing Pages

Relevant keywords and great ad copy need to be matched by a relevant landing page experience for your website visitors. Your landing pages should provide a measurable conversion action.

Does Pay Per Click Really Work?


Most people say that paid search ads make it easier to find the search results they need.


Trust is high with Google Ads. Over 50% of people say they would click on a Google Ads search result.


Search ads used by B2B companies are reported to be responsible for greater brand awareness.


For B2B companies, a large percentage report having acquired customers via LinkedIn paid ads.

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