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Why Marketing Strategy is Important

Creating a marketing strategy enables you to clarify your unique business proposition and plan for all your marketing activities around it. Start with a great understanding of who you are and what you do best, then build all of your marketing assets around those propositions. Add-in an in-depth appreciation of your target customers and their buyers personas and marketing suddenly becomes less of a gut feeling and more of a well-defined process. 

How to Develop Your Marketing Strategy

It always helps to go right back to basics. The importance of a marketing strategy is that it enables your to ask yourself the hard questions, such as why you are in business in the first place; what value do you really deliver to your customers; how do you want to be perceived in the market and importantly, how does the market currently perceive you? The answers to these questions can sometimes surprise, but should always stimulate discussion, and that's always a good place to start.

More considerations for your marketing strategy

Create a Process

Be methodical. Devise a marketing process that fits your brand like a glove and document it in detail. It can take time, but it's time well spent and will make the process of marketing messaging easier.

Budget Carefully

An expensive strategy can be a wasteful strategy. Be too frugal and you'll never get the results that you need. Set your expenditure at an appropriate level and watch your marketing take off.

Be Integrated

No one single marketing tactic works in isolation. Once you get into the detail of your strategy, detail how to spread your messaging using your most appropriate marketing activities & platforms.

The Marketing Rule of 7

The rule of 7 simply states that it takes an average of seven interactions with your brand before a purchase will follow. Think about that for a moment. How does that work for your B2B business now?

Marketing Strategy and Planning


Only 37% of B2B organisations have a documented Marketing Strategy and plan in use.


Half of all B2B businesses fail after 5 years of trading. Fail to plan, and you plan to fail.


The number of B2B organisations with a documented strategy plan that achieve their goals.


The large number of successful B2B organisations that followed a planned marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy and Tactics

Our strategic marketers use a range of our in-house specialised marketing tactics for your integrated marketing planning project.

Content Marketing

Well-written, relevant and high-value and crafted content is vital to all of your marketing channels.


Search Engine Optimisation is a huge fast-moving subject. You need expert support for a high website ranking.


Google Ads, Bing Ads, remarketing, social media ads. Our management services have it covered.


It's easy to build your own website now, but there are many pitfalls and traps awaiting the un-informed.

Emailer Marketing

You create a stunning emailer. You send it and find that it mostly just finds the Junk folder. We can help.

Social Media Marketing

There's not a marketer out there without social media marketing in their plan. But use it wisely.

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