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It's tough out there! Competition is everywhere and your brand strategy needs to be absolutely focused on what you do best and how you deliver it. To do that effectively requires that you really know your brand, whether you are a start-up or multi-national. Understand yourself and your market and your brand strategy will have a fighting chance.

Next up, it's all about communication. Your brand messaging should reach your carefully researched target audience efficiently by use of the most appropriate marketing channels. Do you truly know your clients, how they consume marketing messaging and through which channels? There won't be a single solution to this, but wise use of an integrated marketing approach using consistent brand messaging over time will always win through.   

Element79 are experienced B2B marketing specialists and work alongside our clients to research and identify your marketing sweetspots, and then craft and integrate a carefully designed brand strategy, together with appropriate plans and technologies to help you to elevate your brand, no matter how small or large, above the competition. We have a great track record in working with technology-based industries and have the ability to quickly understand what you do and what marketing activities are going to work to increase brand awareness for you. 

Find out more about the services we offer and who we have worked with below. Call us to discuss your brand strategy or simply sign-up to our newsletter for more insight. 

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