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Why Use Predictive Analytics for B2B Marketing

Marketing is fundamentally about making your prospects aware of what you do and then identifying who is ready to buy. Knowing exactly which of your carefully nurtured prospects are actually ready to buy is the really tricky part. At any one time it's likely that as little as just 2% of your B2B prospects are actively engaged in the buying process. Predictive Marketing Analytics identifies them and guides you to your most likely prospects using the power of AI and machine learning, saving you valuable resources and increasing your turnover.

How Predictive Analytics for B2B Marketing Works

The buying process of the past has changed. Gone are the days when we simply marketed to a list of hopeful targets that we assumed might be in-market. Now, prospects have done in-depth research into your product or service way before you even get to speak or connect with them. As they do this research they are leaving a digital footprint that can be analysed and identified, so you know precisely where your prospects are in their purchasing journey, meaning that you can market to them in an appropriate and timely way.

Consider how effective Predictive Marketing Analytics could be for your B2B business

Know Your Customer

Gain a clear understanding of your existing customers. With Predictive Marketing Analytics you can understand their needs and react to them, greatly reducing revenue lost due to client churn.

Grade Your Prospects

Understand not only who your best prospects are but also identify with accuracy where they are in the buying process so that you know exactly how to connect with them at every buying stage.

Real Time Opportunities

With Predictive Marketing Analytics you can set-up alerts that let you know exactly when key actions are in process by your prospects. Know when the prospect is engaging with your website in real time.

Accurate Marketing

Automation is now a key marketing tactic. Integrate your Predictive platform with your existing marketing assets to produce automated, timely messaging and engage your prospects intelligently.

Some KPI's for B2B Predictive Marketing Analytics


As little as just 2% of your prospects are actually in buying mode. Know who they are.


Reduce the effort and associated costs incurred by understanding your prospects behaviour.


Generate more leads per telemarketer with data identified from Predictive Analytics.


Direct lead generation costs are greatly reduced with intelligent marketing information.

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