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Find out how Element79 delivers outstanding value to our B2B clients by strategically integrating brand marketing activities for more effective marketing programmes.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing needs focus. Chart your course with Element79's help and see your marketing deliver.


Google Ads, Bing Ads, remarketing, social media ads. Our management services have it covered.


Search Engine Optimisation is a huge, fast-moving subject. You need expert support for a high website ranking.


It's easy to build your own website now, but there are many pitfalls and traps awaiting the small business.

Emailer Marketing

You create a stunning emailer. You send it and find that it mostly just finds the Junk folder. We can help.

Brand Sponsorship

Not seeing a real ROI from your sponsorship? We create brand sponsorship programmes that work.

Get ready to stand out

Element79 have been providing high value marketing consulting and digital marketing agency services to our clients through the delivery of effective, considered, b2b marketing strategies for technology companies since 2003. We've worked with both very large and very small businesses and understand the marketing challenges both experience.


Marketing works better with large helpings of thought and common sense! No fluff.

Energise Your Digital Marketing for Your B2B Business

Choose a digital marketing agency to revitalise your 2023 marketing strategy. Get to know our B2B digital marketing services.

Digital Marketing Services

Should Your B2B Business Invest in Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

If you're a B2B business and have never or seldom used Pay-Per-Click advertising you are losing a revenue stream

Use Google Ads Effectively

Integrated Marketing Strategies Make your £'s Go Further

No one single marketing tactic works in isolation. Integrate your B2B brand marketing strategy and you'll see greater results and ROI.

B2B Marketing Tips

What people are saying!

We can say everything that you want to hear on these pages. But it's what others say about Element79's marketing consulting services that really counts here.

A pleasure to work with

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About Our Company

We're a marketing agency for B2B companies. Over the years that we've been in business we've focused on providing in-depth marketing know-how to large & small B2B businesses, mostly to the tech and software sectors.

Social Media Platforms for B2B


Which Social Media Platform to use for B2B? Here are the latest indicators.

Our B2B Focus

Market Specialists
At Element79 we've developed an affinity with B2B companies marketing technical services, software & products. We've been doing this since we opened for business and can therefore quickly understand and convey the merits of your service or product to your audience.
Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing touches everyone's lives daily. We are a digital marketing agency with focus and expertise. We go further and uncover the art of the possible. We routinely develop integrated marketing campaigns that lead with and embrace digital but don't overlook traditional.
Brand Identity
Stand out. Engage a B2B product marketing agency to develop brand awareness and identities that clearly define who you are and what you do for your audience. Don't be a lookalike brand. We'll launch you into your market with a clear identity, a clear strategy and a clear voice that sets you apart.

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