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Why Consider Using Sports Sponsorship

It's fair to say that many marketers don't instantly get how sponsorship can work for them. This can simply be that they have had no real exposure to this often poorly represented specialist subject. By partnering with a recognised sports marketing agency you can develop a perfectly crafted sponsorship property that uses sport to greatly extend your brand reach and engagement. 

Here's how brand sponsorship could work for you

Brand awareness is often cited as one of the main benefits of sports sponsorship and whilst that is undoubtedly true, a well-devised sponsorship programme should go much further than that and have far more detail. Client and prospect relationships, brand image association, employee morale and lead generation activities can all be built-in.

Things to know about Sports Sponsorship Marketing


It's easy to get carried along with enthusiasm for a project, especially if the sponsorship is based around an activity that you are passionate about. Keep asking yourselves if your plans can deliver a ROI.

Return on Investment

This is crucial. Before you commit to any sponsorship plan, understand the detail and identify the value of the return on investment and when you will see it. Typically a major investment will see profit in year 3.


This is all about making the sponsorship work. Branding a sports or media event is unlikely to see any significant ROI without a well-planned and costed activation programme to support it.

Due Diligence

Sweat the small stuff. And don't overlook the smaller and cheaper opportunities. Some of the very best smaller sponsorship programmes can be ideal for SME B2B's and very effective too.

Sponsorship Marketing Indicators at a Glance


The annual growth of sponsorship spending across all sectors. Expect this to rise 5% per year.


Many marketers now look to event sponsorship as an effective element of brand marketing.


Global sponsorship spending is always increasing, but the sports sector is consistently the largest.


Prospects haven't made their mind up about your brand. Sponsorship can be a powerful influencer.

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