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Why the B2B Website Development Process Needs to Evolve

Many B2B company websites used to rely on brochure-style websites. They seldom changed much if at all and were used simply as advertising for their products and services. When the B2B buying process changed, website development had to undergo a significant change so as not to lose their web page rankings. Today, website development has to constantly evolve in order to maintain page rank by offering a fundamentally different user experience to that of the past. Our web development services deliver a great user experience with effective site search visibility aligned to your sales process. 

How to develop and market your B2B website

Virtually all research into your business offering takes place well before you first engage with your prospect. Your website must therefore not only align with Google's latest algorithm and technical guidelines, but it absolutely has to engage your visitors by delivering just the right amount of assistance and knowledge they need at every stage of their market research in order to get them to follow you and want to start a dialogue. Our web development services include best practice design and SEO features to deliver modern, high-performing B2B websites.

Things to consider during your website development process

Responsive Design

Even if most of your prospects do their in-depth research from their desktop, the chances are that they initially use a mobile device. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly in line with Google's mobile-first policy.

Fast as Light

If your site will get many visits from mobile users, consider running a dedicated website optimised for that audience. Speed is essential here and critical to initially engaging site visitors.

Navigation Plan

We now live in the age of semantic search so you have to design your website navigation accordingly. Make sure that your site navigation complies with the opportunities offered by semantic search.

Sales Funnel Design

This is essential for a B2B website. Your visitor flow through the site should offer prospects the ability to find out just enough about you at each stage of their buying process and lead them to make contact.


Your design speaks volumes about you. A large percentage of visitors expect a great first impression.


Speed is everything. Most of your site visitors will expect your site to load in 3 seconds or less.


Your site visitors are likely to spend a large percentage of time using mobile initially.


A high percentage of your website visitors will spend more time on pages containing videos.

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