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Of all the tactical marketing assets that we have at our disposal, Digital Marketing is an absolutely essential and core element. Who could imagine marketing without the use of websites, online advertising, emailers, blogs, and social media in the modern age?

Element79 are a digital marketing agency based in the United Kingdom. Our digital marketing solution services cut through the noise and raise your brand above the competition by creating bespoke digital campaigns which ensure that your online marketing strategy gains better visibility, drives engagement with your target audience and gets them to convert into customers.

We can also audit your existing campaigns to identify additional opportunities and increase conversions. Are you currently using the right digital platforms in the right way for your audience to easily consume your marketing messages? After all, it's no good using Facebook if your B2B audience are all on LinkedIn!

Business to Business (B2B) companies generally face fundamentally different digital marketing challenges than companies who sell to the consumer. As marketing is all about the process of conveying the right messaging to the right audience at the right time, we have developed a deep understanding of the challenges facing B2B digital marketing, including longer sales lead times, nurturing multiple stakeholders, and building long term business relationships

We understand the B2B market and have worked with large and small companies to deliver strategic digital marketing campaigns that have multiple touch points and appeal to unique needs, often to a comparatively small audience.

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Emailer Marketing

Emailer marketing is still one of the most effective digital marketing activities that you can invest in. We produce emailer marketing campaigns which are carefully designed to engage and re-engage your prospects and clients to keep them in the sales funnel. Our emailers are designed to maintain a high server authority for our clients, ensuring maximum deliverability and high open rates.

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